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Welcome to New Health Basics

New Health Basics is a common-sense health information resource with everything from the latest news and clinical study results to the validity of Old Wives' Tales and alternative treatments. All is questioned and extremes are thrown out. However, every bit of information available is considered and utilized to formulate the opinions expressed on this site.

You will find that our basic rule of thumb is to get as close to natural and as far away from fabricated as possible. Proper nutrition, environment and exercise have always been the keys to better health and today these basics are more important than ever.

Some alternatives featured may be the polar opposites of what you have heard all your life but please keep an open mind. Ponder the possibilities. Then decide for yourself what is best for you and those you care for.

Get Healthy - Build A Fat-Burning Body

by Jeff Cordeiro

Personal TrainingMuscle equals metabolism. As muscle increases, metabolism goes up and body-fat goes down.

For every pound of muscle on the body, 50 calories a day are burned at rest. Thatís not counting the calories while using the muscle or building the muscle. Thatís just the number of calories needed to maintain the muscle. Thatís why professional body builders have to eat thousands and thousands of calories every day. If they donít, they lose muscle mass.

So, by putting on ten pounds of lean muscle, a body will burn an extra 500 calories every day seven days a week. Seven times 500 equals an extra 3500 calories burned every week at rest and that equals one pound of fat. Muscle is a fat-burning engine and, once the desired body-fat level has been reached, more calories can be consumed to maintain.

The food, of course, must be the right food...

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