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by Jeff Cordeiro

MonaVie productsIn my opinion and personal experience, these juices can benefit a great number of people in a great number of ways. As you know, I am not a believer in one-size-fits-all products but I am a devout believer in getting back to basics and nature. MonaVie does that like no other "product" I have ever used. 

There are five different juice blends and a truly all-natural energy drink.

(Click here, specific info on MonaVie's new energy drink Emv)

Americans are malnourished. It’s not that we’re getting too few calories – just the opposite, in fact. It is estimated that by 2010 over 40% of all Americans will be obese, including half the population under the age of 18. This is according to the Center for Disease Control. Empty calories appear to be at the root of most health problems.

The nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables in our grocery stores is questionable at best. A 50-Year Canadian Study shows that, in 1951, two peaches would have supplied a woman with her total RDA of vitamin A but that, today, it would take 53 peaches to supply that same amount.

This depletion of vital nutrients occurs in our fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meats. The soil is depleted and flooded with chemical fertilizers. Produce is sprayed with pesticides and picked green. Livestock is kept in pens, fed grain and injected with hormones. Then there’s deep-frying and the huge portions at restaurants. Add to that pollutants and stress and it’s no wonder our bodies are breaking down.

During my research, I discovered that the few people I bumped into that didn’t have major health concerns over 40 were people that grew up on a farm or in another country – places where the food that was placed on the table everyday was direct from nature.

Individual or synthesized vitamins and minerals just don’t work the way whole foods do. Vital components are missing or not in the right quantities or form. Whole foods are definitely greater than the sum of their parts. However, in this hustle and bustle world we live in, it is almost impossible to get high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables or meat from grass-fed cattle or organic milk. So we need to look for supplements that are as close to natural whole foods as we can.

I believe it is the blend of the other 18 fruits with the açai in MonaVie that makes it so special. Antioxidants work by donating electrons to free radicals, preventing the free radical from stealing the electron it needs from your body. Unfortunately, this makes the antioxidant unstable and, in turn, it needs to find an electron from another source. So, in steps a different antioxidant and the process continues over and over again, creating a wonderful synergy. However, if you have too much of any one antioxidant or not enough of others, your body will become fatigued, which is why it is so important to stay as close to nature as possible.

MonaVie has five formulas: Original, Active (with plant-derived liquid glucosamine), Pulse (for cholesterol and cardiovascular concerns), Kosher and (M)mūn. The main ingredient in all five, the açai berry, only grows naturally high-atop palm trees in the Amazon rain forests. The berries used for MonaVie are harvested and then undergo a patented procedure within 24 hours to capture every nutrient that nature provides.

Lower Blood Acidity

Refined sugar causes the blood to become acidic and blood acidity has been linked to almost every disease known to modern man. In the 1700's man consumed about 4 pounds of sugar per year. By the 1800's it was up to about 18 pounds per person. By the 1900's annual sugar consumption jumped to nearly 90 pounds. Now the average American consumes about 180 pounds of sugar every year.

Fruit does not have the same affect that refined sugars do. In fact, fruit consumption actually alkalizes the blood. MonaVie has a low to intermediate glycemic index and can help balance blood sugar levels.

For details on how sugar affects health, please click here.

Promote Proper Immune Function

MonaVie (M)mūn has been clinically shown to promote proper immune function. Formulated with antioxidant-rich MVao2™, a proprietary complex featuring the superfruits açai and maqui, this delicious juice helps protect your body year round. It’s your daily defense for a healthier life.

(M)mūn contains açai, maqui, grape, apple, acerola, aronia, black currant, elderberry, cranberry, blood orange, sea buckthorn, pear, blueberry, cupuaçu, strawberry, baobab, lingonberry, bilberry, and camu camu.

Additionally, MonaVie (M)mūn contains Wellmune®, which engages the body’s natural defenses to promote health, wellness and vitality. Numerous clinical and preclinical studies demonstrate that Wellmune® activates key human immune cells, including macrophages and neutrophils, to more quickly recognize and kill foreign challenges. More than a dozen peer-reviewed science and medical journals have published research on the safety and efficacy of Wellmune ®.

For more details on (M)mūn, a 2-minute video on a study showing a 23% reduction in infections when using Wellmune® and why even anthrax doesn't pose a threat to a strong immune system, please click here.

The Secret for Athletes and Celebrities Alike

Athletes and Celebrities use MonaVie.
From dancers like Cheryl Burke and baseball players like the Boston Red Sox, to Indy 500 drivers like Tomas Scheckter and actors like Patrick Dempsey, MonaVie gives them all that something extra.

NASCAR Champ Geoff Bodine, World Figure Champ Diana Chaloux, NFL Pro Bowler Deron Cherry and Country legend George Jones all swear by MonaVie.

Click here for other athletes that use MonaVie.

If you would like to see a few news segments featuring MonaVie and hear testimonials by everyday people and professional athletes alike, click here to watch a short video.

Click below to read brochures on the five main MonaVie formulas:
Original (for general overall health)
Active (with plant-derived liquid glucosamine for joint pains)
Pulse (for cardiovascular and cholesterol concerns)
(M)mūn (to boost your immune system)
Kosher (Certified by: O.U. of North America, and Chief Rabbinate of Israel)

If you would like to review clinical trials done on the effects of MonaVie on cholesterol or the effects of açai on cancer, click here for document links.

If you are in the Santa Clarita Valley area and would like to taste MonaVie (it tastes great by the way), please add your email address to our list using the form in the upper right corner of this page and you will be invited to the next free tasting.

If you would like to ask me specific questions about the product or what it has done to improve my health, please email me.

So, if you add just one thing to your life this year, make it MonaVie. Feel better and be healthier.


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