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About Our Site

New Health Basics is a common-sense health information website, where you will find everything from the latest health news and clinical study results to proper nutrition and fitness program resources. 

Much of the information contained on this site are observations, opinions and conclusions, based on my own personal experiences. I am a personal trainer with over 15 years of experience in fitness and nutrition. However, I am not an MD, DC or PhD. I am not a pharmacist, nutritionist, or herbalist; let alone all of these. However, in order to understand the entire health and wellness picture one would almost have to be.

Thatís where I am at my best. I have the unique ability to see the forest for the trees. I take information published by specialists in all areas of health and wellness, throw out the extremes, and relay the big pictures to my clients and publish them on this site. 

In 1998, I began focusing especially hard on my own health issues. It started on a day that I found it almost too painful to get up out of my desk chair. I was much too young to feel like that but, spending years behind a desk, getting no exercise, and gaining 50 pounds in the years after high school had taken its toll. Those years behind the desk resulted in three knee surgeries, high cholesterol and the initial signs of rheumatoid arthritis. 

I had known for a while that I had a slight curvature of the spine, that there was arthritis on my mother's side and circulatory problems on my father's side. So, I had reasons to take a closer look at my health. I will go into details as it pertains to specific health concerns elsewhere on this site but, suffice it to say, I now feel younger and healthier than I did twenty years ago. My cholesterol is at optimal levels and I weigh about what I did in high school. All thanks to health basics and common sense.

Over the years, I accumulated so much information that I found myself having conversations, sometimes several times a day, with people about things they might do for this condition or that ailment. Then it dawned on me Ė I should just share this information online.

Some alternatives on this site may seem hard to believe but I ask that you keep an open mind. Ponder the possibilities. Then decide for yourself.†

If you have something to share, even if it contradicts an opinion of mine, please email me. I will be happy to take a look and may even post it online. If you just wish to tell me how wrong I am, please donít waste your time or mine. I do my homework before making any statement and I find negativity to be one of life's biggest ills. 

I do not buy into most things that most people hold sacred. When it comes to my health, I believe that I am the best one to be in control and not my doctor. I believe in prevention and treating the cause of a problem instead of just the symptoms and I do not believe that drugs, surgery or radiating the body are the best solutions to most medical conditions.†

That's not to say, if your arm is broken, you shouldnít go to the hospital and get it put in a cast but even casts are being reinvented. I recently met a woman who had a cast with a round opening and cap built into it that allowed ultrasound to be applied directly to her injury to speed healing. 

I hope you find the information on New Health Basics thought-provoking and beneficial. Of course, donít just take my word for anything. Always get a second and third opinion but, most importantly, listen to your body, use common sense and trust your instincts.

To Health and Happiness, †

Jeff Cordeiro

To Your Health and Happiness

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