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The Cure for High Blood Pressure

by Jeff Cordeiro

The Cure for High Blood PressureLet me begin this article by stating that a prescription medication to lower your blood pressure is probably a good immediate precaution to take, if your blood pressure is dangerously high. However, as is the case with a tourniquet, the sooner you correct the real problem the better.

Medications donít treat causes Ė they treat symptoms. There are many reasons for high blood pressure but most of them can be cured Ė by your body and only by your body.

Letís review how your basic plumbing works. First, the heart pumps blood into your arteries to deliver oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body, while removing carbon dioxide and waste products, and maintaining optimum pH. Then, the spent blood returns to your heart after being filtered and re-oxygenated and the journey begins once more.

Your body is a wonderfully self-regulating machine that will adjust the amount of blood it pumps to the correct areas of your body at the exact times needed to perform all of its functions. For instance, when your body requires more oxygen or nutrients (such as during exercise) your heart beats faster. When you stand up quickly, the veins below your heart will constrict to ensure that enough blood continues to flow to your brain. When you retain too much water, your blood vessels expand throughout your body to ensure that your blood pressure doesnít get too high. Itís a beautiful dance.

Unfortunately, by eating improperly and not exercising, we damage this amazing system. Too much sugar and salt, fried foods, processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle all take their toll. Over time, plaque clogs up the blood vessels, the walls of the arteries harden, and the muscles of the heart thicken. The ability of the body to make necessary adjustments becomes increasingly hampered.

Blood thinning medicines do enable the blood to flow better through the clogged plumbing but, unless you eliminate the reason the works got gummed up in the first place, the problem will continue to get worse until blood will be unable to flow regardless of how thin it is. The same goes for bypasses and other surgical procedures.

Eating the right foods will help clean out those life-giving pipes but, please, never eat when youíre stressed (you wonít digest your food properly).

As soon as you are healthy enough, get some exercise (start off slowly and work your way up). Activity will strengthen the heart and return pliability to your blood vessels.

Of course, proper nutrition and exercise will have hundreds of other benefits as well (weight loss, proper pH and hormone levels, less stress on your liver and kidneys, etc.) but they will all help your blood pressure return to normal.

Speaking of normalizing, reducing the stress in your life is another key to good health. Exercise will, of course, reduce stress but there are countless other things you can do too. Make some time for yourself (read a book, listen to soft music in a dimly lit room, or take a walk in the park). Meditate. Practice yoga. Take a vacation. Just put a smile on your face and take a deep breath. Doesnít that feel better?

Hereís another great way to lower your blood pressure: go lay in the sun. Your body converts sunlight into vitamin D, which has been shown to lower blood pressure (as well as cholesterol and the effects of diabetes). Supplements are a poor substitute for your bodyís natural vitamin D. Synthetic vitamins are difficult for your body to absorb, may be missing other nutrients essential for assimilation or may be the wrong structure altogether. So, get outside. Itís good for you.

Also, do not take Vitamin A supplements or cod liver oil. Recent studies show that Vitamin A supplements may negate the health benefits of Vitamin D. Instead, get your Vitamin A by eating colorful vegetables. The body will produce the precise amount of Vitamin A it needs from the beta-carotene contained in the vegetables.

Another thing that is good for you is fish. We get plenty of omega 6 from vegetable oils in our diet but far too little omega 3 (some estimate 1/25 of what we need). We must get these essential fatty acids from our diet. So, have fish a couple of times each week but donít smoke it.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should not smoke anything or drink distilled alcoholic beverages. As with all things that your body can become addicted to, including prescription drugs and sugar, you must wean yourself off of these things. Let the body adapt slowly to life without these toxins.

You may have also heard of a fruit juice called MonaVie. It too, is a good source of omega 3 oils. The fruits MonaVie is derived from are all excellent sources of anti-oxidants and anti-oxidants are vital for keeping your blood vessels healthy by preventing the formation of plaque.

Something you may not have heard of is that your chiropractor may be able to help lower your blood pressure. A recent study has shown that misalignment of your neck may disrupt various autonomic functions, including blood pressure regulation. Watch the brief Good Morning America video for more details:

One final thing to keep in mind is that old or unhealthy blood is thicker and less efficient than new healthy blood. So, whenever you are eligible, donate a pint. Not only could it help save someone elseís life, youíll directly benefit as well by producing a new fresh pint of blood for yourself.

So, you see the cure is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4.

  1. Eat a Diet High in Omega 3 Oils, Antioxidants and Fresh Produce
  2. Exercise
  3. Get Some Sun
  4. Reduce Stress

Before you know it, you'll be feeling great and won't need those prescription drugs any longer. Of course, consult with your physician prior to taking each of these steps. Drug interactions and physical limitations must always be considered. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

As always, I hope you found this article beneficial and thought-provoking.

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