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Breast, Lung, and Prostate Cancer Cures

by Jeff Cordeiro

Proper Sun Exposure for Optimal Vitamin D LevelsOctober is breast cancer awareness month. In November 2009, the recommended age for regular mammograms was increased from the age of 40 to 50. One month later that recommendation was downgraded to a suggestion. Needless to say, there is more confusion now than ever before.

According to the American Cancer Society nearly 15% of all women will get breast cancer.

Lung cancer, however, is still twice as prevalent as breast cancer, affecting about 28% of the population, while prostate and colon cancer will each affect nearly 9% of the population. With all the money that's thrown into researching cancer treatments, why are we no closer to a cure?

Because we're asking the wrong question. We shouldn't be asking how to treat lung cancer or breast cancer or any specific disease. We should be asking how to stay healthy.

It has been suggested that there is really only one illness - malfunctioning cells. From lung cancer and breast cancer to H1N1 and the common cold, it's all about the body's ability or inability to heal.

Obviously, the more damage the body suffers (smoking, pollution, fast food, etc.), the more difficult it will be for the body to repair itself. Please keep in mind that only the body can cure an illness. Medicines (all of which are toxic to the body) and procedures (all of which stress the body), just treat symptoms. The only system that truly cures an illness is your body's immune system.

So, the spotlight should not be on treatments or surgical procedures. The focus should be on building the strongest immune system possible and that is very basic. You've heard it all of your life. Diet and exercise are keys to a healthy immune system.

A proper diet will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to fuel your cells. Exercise will boost your immune system and flush toxins that interfere with proper cellular functions.

Please click on the video below for a 20-minute explanation on Angiogenesis - the process that feeds cancerous tumors and obesity.

One thing you have not heard all of your life is that you need more sun. In fact, you've probably heard just the opposite. For years the message has been to stay out of the mid-day sun and wear sunscreen. Well, that advice may be one of the reasons cancer is so prevalent and not just skin cancer but all cancers.

One of the most important vitamins your body needs for good health is vitamin D. Synthesized vitamin D supplements may not be in the proper form for assimilation, few foods are rich in vitamin D and your body only produces vitamin D when you are exposed to the sun. It should also be mid-day sun. The earlier or later in the day, the greater the percentage of damaging UVA rays to beneficial vitamin D producing UVB rays.

To make matters worse, when sunscreens are absorbed into the skin, in addition to blocking UVB rays, they have been shown to produce free radicals - the very thing that they are supposed to prevent.

How important is vitamin D? Recent studies show that vitamin D lowers the risk of all cancers and all illnesses across the board. Intravenous vitamin D therapy has even been shown to assist the body in recovering from the worst medical conditions, including the latter stages of cancer and the lung damage associated with the H1N1 virus, after all other treatments failed.

Also, do not take Vitamin A supplements or cod liver oil. Recent studies show that Vitamin A supplements may negate the health benefits of Vitamin D. Instead, get your Vitamin A by eating colorful vegetables. The body will produce the precise amount of Vitamin A it needs from the beta-carotene contained in the vegetables.

A lack of sunshine is also why common cold and flu viruses attack in the winter. The average body needs about 10 minutes of sun three times a week to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D, depending on skin color and existing serum vitamin D levels. Unfortunately, most people don't get enough sun and are vitamin D deficient.

So, don't be overly concerned about contracting breast cancer, the H1N1 virus or any specific illness. There is basically only one disease. Instead, be very concerned with building a healthy immune system. You have only one and it's the only system that can cure any illness.

Focus on the basics and you will live a longer, healthier and happier life. It's never too early or too late to start on a proper diet, exercise and sun exposure regimen.

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