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New Yearís Resolution: Detox & Tune-up

by Jeff Cordeiro

New Years ResolutionDoes your vehicle lack the oomph it once had? Does it backfire or emit foul odors? Then itís time for a tune-up, right? Oh, Iím not talking about your car. Iím talking about your body.

The wrong foods, polluted air and water, soda, alcohol, mercury, pesticides, preservatives, BPA from plastics, and little to no exercise or sun all add toxins to your system. Stored in the cells of your body, these toxins can lead to illness and disease. 

Toxins will continue to build up and, until you do something to remove them (proper diet, exercise, sun exposure, sauna or hydrotherapy), will eventually lead to a total systemic breakdown.

Every cell in your body is like an engine. Low-grade fuel (fast food, sugary treats, etc.) will cause your little engines to misfire and accumulate toxic deposits. Too many empty calories will add fat and fat stores toxins. The fat itself also acts as a hormone causing other imbalances. It becomes a vicious cycle. Fortunately, there is a simple fix.

By eating the right foods your body will automatically begin to repair itself. Choose organic, locally-grown and in-season (LOIS) foods whenever possible. The higher the food quality, the faster your body can repair itself. It will be ďin with the good and out with the badĒ. With fewer empty calories, you will lose fat and toxins. When you lose toxins, your cells can function properly. 

In addition to losing fat, you will also retain less water. The more toxic your body's chemistry, the more it retains water to dilute the toxins. When you lose toxins, you lose weight.

Unlike your circulatory system, however, your lymph system has no pump. Exercise is vital when to detoxing. If you donít move, the toxins donít move. Light exercise is enough to move the toxins but breaking a sweat will help flush them out even faster. Just remember to shower immediately after. Flushed toxins left on the skin can reabsorb back into the system. 

When detoxing, it is more important than ever to drink plenty of water (free of chlorine, fluorine or BPA). There are 75,000 mad-made chemicals in our environment today. Cleaner water means a quicker detox.

Also be aware that, at first, it may feel like you are taking a step backward. When toxins are released, the body will want to dispose of them in the quickest way possible. If large quantities of toxins are released at once, you may feel as though you are getting sick. In fact, itís really your body getting healthier, much in the same way a smoker will start coughing when he or she quits smoking. 

These symptoms are the body ridding itself of the toxins that have been building up for years. In the smokerís case, the cigarettes had actually deadened the hairs that normally remove toxic phlegm. Once the smoke is gone, the hairs can resume their job of gathering toxins and transporting them away. Hence, the smokerís cough.

Detox symptoms usually only last a few days. So, if you begin to feel a bit under the weather, just donít exert yourself for a day or two but donít be sedentary either. Keep those toxins moving through your lymph system. 

Until your body is completely free of all toxins, symptoms may reappear from time to time. This is a good sign. It is merely the darkness before the dawn of a healthier you.

I believe the proverbial New Years Resolution to lose weight is rooted in our DNA. Deep down inside, we all know weíre supposed to use up fat during the winter. Thatís what fat is for. For 100,000 years, food was scarce during the winter. So, we fattened up during the summer, soaked up sun producing vitamin D to store in our fat, and then lived off the nutrients contained in that fat during the lean months. This is what I call the ďCircle of HealthĒ. 

To paraphrase another author, ďNow is the Winter of Our Detox IntentĒ. 

I hope this helps you look at your New Years Resolutions differently.

Have a Healthy and Happy New Year.

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