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Hypoglycemia: Your Body, Sugary Foods and the Liver

by Jeff Cordeiro

Sugary foods like donuts and adrenal stimulants like coffeeHypoglycemia is the medical term for lower than normal blood glucose. Here's the vicious cycle: A sugary food is eaten. Blood sugar rises rapidly. The pancreas produces a large amount of insulin to dispense the sugar. If the adrenal glands do not produce the counter-balancing hormone to signal the end of insulin production, it is possible for blood sugar levels to fall until they reach unacceptable levels.

When this happens, the signs of hypoglycemia appear; fatigue, headaches, irritability, etc. The typical response is the consumption of a sugary food or an adrenal stimulant like coffee, cola or nicotine. The cycle is repeated again and again, resulting in weakened organs and glands, and an accumulation of toxins.

Refined and processed foods, like acid-forming foods, are devoid of most minerals and upset the acid-alkaline ratio of the body. Vitamins and minerals are needed for the efficient use of foods. When refined carbohydrates are eaten, the nutrients needed are not available as nature intended. Therefore, the body must draw upon its reserves and then on the minerals in bones and teeth. This can lead to a myriad of health problems, from hypoglycemia and diabetes, to dental caries, osteoporosis, nervousness and depression.

Stress is another problem. One of our body's reactions to stress is to produce epinephrine (adrenaline), intended to give us short bursts of strength, by releasing a flood of glucose molecules from the liver into the bloodstream. One epinephrine molecule is thought to cause the release of about 30,000 molecules of glucose. Unfortunately, our days are filled with stressful situations that our bodies react to.

Stress can also cause us to retain belly fat. Cortisol (hydrocortisone), the stress hormone, and cortisone basically works against insulin. What people may not realize is that the fat itself causes hormonal imbalances, which only add to the problem.

Click here to see Dr. Oz showing Oprah a video that explains how excess sugar leads to belly fat.

Hypoglycemia can also be a symptom of liver dysfunction. A poorly functioning liver can cause digestive problems, cravings for sugar, unstable blood sugar levels, the onset of type 2 diabetes, immune disorders, abnormal absorption of fats, and other metabolic problems.

The liver can be damaged by many things, including alcohol, tobacco and smog but most often the cause is drugs (prescription and over the counter, including Tylenol). These same factors also impair the function of other vital organs. Fortunately, the liver can regenerate itself and, once the culprits are eliminated, the liver will return to normal functionality.

So, hypoglycemia may be due to an inappropriate insulin response or possibly to a weakened liver. In addition to the toxins mentioned, the consumption of large amounts of protein can also burden the liver.

Hypoglycemia can be a result of pancreatic malfunction, frequently caused by food allergies (possibly to simple sugars). Carbohydrates in the form of fruits are absorbed more slowly, due to their more complex nature, and do not burden the pancreas.

If you are hypoglycemic, it may help to supplement with L-Glutamine. As long as you are lacking certain amino acids in your diet, your body will continue to crave the foods you were addicted to (most food allergies create chemical imbalances which become addictions).

The bottom line is to get back to basics. Ideally, a person should get 75% of their calories from, at least, 5-6 servings of fresh organic in-season fruits and vegetables and 25% from organic proteins. No more than about 4 ounces of protein (or the size of the palm of your hand) can be processed by the body at a time. The rest goes to waste and causes additional digestive and subsequent nutritional problems.

It is now believed that it isn’t fat that caused America’s weight gain – it is carbohydrates. In fact, the body needs healthy fats to burn body fat.

Jorge Cruise Interviews Gary Taubes:

Larry King Live segment:

Eating foods in the proper order and combinations can also aid digestion. For instance, melons should be eaten solo and other fruits should be eaten without other foods. Yogurt (don’t drain the whey – it is great for glutathione production) with probiotics (anti-anti-biotics) will help restore your gut flora (by the way, it’s only recently been discovered that one of the functions of the appendix is to replenish gut flora). Dairy intake should be limited and no beverages should be consumed with meals – they dilute digestive acids, resulting in poor digestion.

In general, begin with the most easily digested foods like vegetables (avoid corn unless you are Native American) and finish with the hardest to digest, like meats. This will allow your stomach to process each food more effectively, gradually adding stomach acid to break foods down into properly digestible components without destroying their nutritional values.

The best foods for you are the foods your ancestors ate 5,000 years ago. If that information is hard to find, the GenoType Diet will give you the next best options. Dr. D’Adamo divides the human race into 6 genotypes (a further refinement of his Eat Right for Your Blood Type diet, which explained that not every food is welcomed by every blood type). However, in reality, there are 6 billion types – each person on the earth is unique.

Let your body be your final guide. After you have broken the addictions and have followed all the recommendations you can for your blood, ancestry or geno type, you will be able to customize a diet that is specifically yours. At that point, there may only be a few foods in your diet that shouldn’t be there. If you are aware of your body’s reactions (upset stomach, bleeding gums, headaches, sugar rushes or crashes, etc.), you will be able to pinpoint the offending foods and replace them with better alternatives.

As your lifestyle improves, your body will start to heal itself. First, the body will detoxify; it will be out with the old and in with the new. Here exercise has another benefit. Your lymph system does not have a pump. Muscle contractions are needed to move toxins out of the body. So, stay active.

If your body has built up massive amounts of toxins over the years, you may experience periods where you feel worse rather than better (headaches, weakness, aches, rashes, etc.). Don't confuse the detoxification process with being ill and don't take medications (aspirin, ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc.) that will only halt the detoxification process. These temporary (usually 3-10 days) irritations are good signs that you are getting healthier. This is not a time, however, to exert yourself. Be sure to get more rest than usual. Just keep moving to keep those toxins flowing.

To lessen the severity of detoxification symptoms, ease back on your new routine. Just as you would wean yourself off of prescriptions drugs, you need to wean yourself off of refined sugars, unhealthy fats, and ultra-high calorie meals. Fresh fruits like oranges, grapefruit, peaches, pears and apples are perfect substitutes for sugary snacks. Nuts are good too.

For an hour-long explanation of how high fructose corn syrup may lead to obesity, high blood pressure, kidney disease, fatty liver, and other health-related problems, please watch the video below.

To protect your kidneys, make fish your new best friend. A large study from a few years found that diabetics who ate less than one serving of fish a week were FOUR TIMES more likely to have abnormal protein levels in their urine. So, eat wild-caught fish a few times a week, and take two to four fish oil capsules each day before your largest meal. Now, the fatty acids in fish oil are essential to good health but do produce free radicals. So, be sure to get plenty of antioxidants in your diet to help to keep these free radicals in check.

By adding 2 ounces of MonaVie juice blend in the morning and two ounces in the evening, you will get the antioxidants of over a dozen servings of fruit. This juice will also have an alkalizing effect on your body’s pH levels (keeping your body's pH more alkaline is essential for good health as well).

Double blind study of the effect of MonaVie on blood acidity

Glycemic index test results for MonaVie

It is now recognized that our bodies require, at least, 5000-6000 antioxidant each day. The standard American diet (SAD) averages around 1200-1500. The 4100 antioxidants contained in 4 ounces of MonaVie puts you into the “healthy” antioxidant range.

Finally, proper sun exposure is important. Not only is exposure to the sun your body's only natural way to produce vitamin D but it also has the added benefits of producing endorphins and controlling over 2000 (or about 7%) of your body's genes.

Do not take Vitamin A supplements or cod liver oil. Recent studies show that Vitamin A supplements may negate the health benefits of Vitamin D. Instead, get your Vitamin A by eating colorful vegetables. The body will produce the precise amount of Vitamin A it needs from the beta-carotene contained in the vegetables.

As Hippocrates said “Let thy food be thy medicine” and you will live a longer and healthier life.

As always, I hope you found this article beneficial and thought-provoking.

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