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Donít Be Scammed by Those Crying Scam

by Jeff Cordeiro

Donít Be Scammed By Those Crying ScamAs I have said hundreds of times, my overriding philosophy regarding health and wellness is to get as close to nature as possible. Those who read my articles or follow my posts know this to be true. Proper nutrition, environment and exercise have always been the keys to good health. 

My statements, at times, may fly in the face of everything you have been told all your life but I believe them to be true nonetheless. 

I ask you to ponder the possibilities and decide for yourself what is best for you and those you care for.

I gather information on each point until the information becomes very redundant. I then throw out the extremes and use common sense to draw a conclusion. I test my conclusions on myself and, if the results are positive, relay those suggestions or findings to my readers.

My overall health is my proof that what I recommend works. I will pit the entirety of my findings, my fitness and well-being against anyoneís. Anyone who is willing to come forward, that is.

Unfortunately, as of late, one of my recommendations has been attacked by anonymous bloggers who choose to hide behind a website and use the tried and true tactic of finding a chink in the armor and hammering away at it relentlessly. Many of the statements they make are libelous; however, because they refuse to identify themselves, it would be too costly to pursue a legal course of action

These overtly squeaky wheels, unfortunately, do tend to get the oil in our society. For some reason, people listen to those who only serve to tear down or stir up trouble. Shock-jocks are paid very highly in our country and have the ear of a great percentage of our population. They accuse others of fear-mongering when, if fact, they are the oneís using peopleís fear of being scammed to their own benefit.

My attackers have chosen to argue certain points against MonaVie. In fact, they seem to know far too much about MonaVie for there to be nothing in it for them as they claim. Unfortunately, most of their arguments cannot be verified by doing a Google search. You can, of course, use the links they provide (when they work) but independent searches donít bring up those same results. Interestingly, some of their links even provide opinions contradictory to their own.

Because I prefer to build people up and create win/win situations rather than tear people down, I have grown tired of their nonsense. I spent far too much time responding to a few extremists (possibly the same person using different usernames) and it is just not worth the time or effort.

I have chosen to remove my own personal information regarding MonaVie.

My accusers will claim victory, of course but, in fact, all they have done is eliminate one personís side of the story and there are, at least, two sides to every story. In all their righteousness, they apparently donít believe in freedom of speech either. 

You should know that, while they claim MonaVie is not good for you, they also promote its sale on another part of their website. I would be willing to bet they make far more money from the sale of MonaVie than I ever have and, being the products they promote are not direct from the company, the quality is as questionable as their ethics.

I will continue to use MonaVie because, I believe, it has done wonders for me. If any of you would like to know all the details, please contact me.

Remember, as I always say, all-natural products are superior to any man-made or man-aided products (including MonaVie) every time. For instance, a locally grown organic apple is better than an industrially farmed apple or apple juice or apple sauce. 

Unfortunately, in our hustle and bustle world, the vast majority of people cannot get or do not choose an all-natural diet specific to their nutritional type. So, supplementation is important and, nowadays, convenience trumps almost everything. The more convenient something is, the more likely a person is going to incorporate that something into their life.

Like anything else, there are good supplements and bad supplements. Is MonaVie perfect? No. Is it better than thousands of other products on the market today? I absolutely believe so and the more good things you put into your body, the healthier you will be.

So, please accept my apology for having to remove my own personal information from my own site. As most of you know, New Health Basics is a labor of love. I am passionate about spreading the natural health message. Unfortunately, I do not make a living from it and, therefore, cannot continue to fight these MonaVie-haters any longer.

Three cheers for hatred. It wins another battle. My only comfort is in knowing they can never win the war.

To Health and Happiness.

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