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Get Healthy - Build A Fat-Burning Body

by Jeff Cordeiro

Personal TrainingMuscle equals metabolism. As muscle increases, metabolism goes up and body-fat goes down.

For every pound of muscle on the body, 50 calories a day are burned at rest. Thatís not counting the calories while using the muscle or building the muscle. Thatís just the number of calories needed to feed and keep the muscle. Thatís why professional body builders have to eat thousands and thousands of calories every day. If they donít, they lose muscle mass.

So, by putting on ten pounds of lean muscle, a body will burn an extra 500 calories every day seven days a week. Seven times 500 equals an extra 3500 calories burned every week at rest and that equals one pound of fat. Muscle is a fat-burning engine and, once the desired body-fat level has been reached, more calories can be consumed to maintain.

The food, of course, must be the right food. Not all good foods are good for everyone but added sugars and processed foods arenít good for anyone. In general, get foods that are as close to natural as possible. Locally grown, organic and in-season foods are always best. Eating less more often is another good rule of thumb.

Cardio also needs to be done correctly. High intensity cardio is great for the heart and lungs but it can burn muscle. It really depends on your body type and condition. However, in general, keep cardio activities in the fat-burning zone, which is a heart rate of 60-70% of maximum (calculate your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220).

Cardio should also be done after strength training and not before. Strength training should be done after a brief warm up, while the body is strongest. Post-workout cardio in the fat-burning zone simply throws a little kerosene on the fire created by the strength training and can actually be used to cool-down. Cardio in the fat-burning zone is literally like a walk in the park.

Most people want a flat tummy, so they do all sorts of ab work and core exercises. Unfortunately, tons of crunches will not produce a visible six-pack. Fat-loss cannot be spot-trained; only muscle building can. So, tons of crunches will only build bigger abdominal muscles and push the stomach out further. Fat must be burned from head to toe to reveal those abs and, unfortunately, belly fat is the last fat to go, which gets back to keeping the metabolism revved-up by building up all of the major muscle groups.

Most muscles require 72 hours to recover. Most people who are serious about working out exercise at least three times a week. If a workout routine tears down the same muscles every time, the muscles never get enough rest or a chance to repair and build. 

Workouts should be divided so that pushing muscles are worked one day, pulling muscles another day and legs on a third day. This gives each of the muscle groups time to recover and develop. How hard you exercise these muscle groups depends on your body type and condition as well.

Also keep in mind that the body is a very adaptive organism. Every two to three weeks, every exercise routine needs to be changed up. Different sets, reps, weights, exercises, tempos and ranges of motion can be used to keep your body advancing and away from plateaus. Slow reps with light weights, isometrics, plyometrics, and yoga are all great options.

One of the best ways to get fit and stay fit is to utilize a personal trainer. They know dozens of ways to work each muscle group, can tailor training regimens for any fitness goal and provide a level of accountability that cannot be duplicated in any other way. In-home personal training also allows a person to get fit without having to go to a gym, conveniently and privately. So turn some of those 'fatness dollars' (Frappacinos, donuts, super-sized fries, etc.) into 'fitness dollars'.

To Health and Happiness.

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