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Neti Pots for Colds, Sinus and Tooth Pain

by Jeff Cordeiro

Neti Pots for Colds, Sinus and Tooth PainNeti Pots come in many shapes made of ceramic or plastic but, no matter which Neti Pot you use, for pennies a day, colds, tooth pain and sinus pain can be greatly reduced.

I discovered the Neti Pot because of tooth pain. Now, you may wonder what the nose has to do with tooth pain. Well, the roots of your upper teeth are very near your sinuses. If your sinuses are dry, irritated or inflamed, you may experience tooth pain when chewing food.

By irrigating my sinuses using a Neti Pot, my tooth pain went away almost immediately and never returned. I also noticed that my sense of smell and taste improved, I could breathe easier and I came down with fewer colds.

Now, whenever I begin to feel cold symptoms or a sinus problem coming on, I use my Neti Pot several times that day instead of just once. Most of the time, I wake up the next morning completely symptom free. If I am not 100%, I just continue to use my Neti Pot multiple times each day until I am completely symptom-free.

You see, the nose is our immune system's first line of defense. Nose hairs trap allergens, mold and dust in much the same way an air filter does. Mucous in the sinus cavity is also employed to capture viruses and bacteria. Once these foreign invaders are gathered up, the body will expel them as quickly as possible.

Sneezing and swallowing rids the body of these clumped intruders quite nicely, until the body becomes overwhelmed by allergens, pollutants and germs. By irrigating the sinuses with a Neti Pot, using a salt water solution (your body is over 70% salt water), you are lending a much needed helping hand to your body's immune system.

This is one of my favorite products and it only costs around $15 to purchase and pennies a day (for water and Kosher salt) to use. It will take a day or two to get used to but then it will become a part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth.

Below are videos showing proper Neti Pot use. The instructions vary but the principles are the same. I suggest you use filtered or distilled water. The chlorine in tap water can be painful to irritated sinuses and is something you should avoid whenever possible for many reasons anyway.

I stir about one-half teaspoon of Kosher salt into 12-16 ounces of water that has been warmed in the microwave for 30-40 seconds. This seems to be the perfect temperature for me. You may wish to adjust the time, based on the power of your microwave or your personal preferences. Then pour half of the solution into your Neti Pot for each nostril.

As you will see in the second video, the NasaFlo comes with pre-measured salt packets and a plastic Neti Pot, both of which are great for traveling and, once you begin using a Neti Pot, you will never want to be without one.

Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and many health food stores carry Neti Pots.

As always, I hope you found this article thought-provoking and helpful.


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